Music & Dance

Bodu Beru is one of the most popular forms of folk music and dance that is found in the inhabited islands of Maldives. The musical instruments that are used consist of three or four drums made from hollowed coconut wood and a variety of thumping instruments. In Bodu Beru, there is one lead singer and a band of 10-15 people, who sing in chorus. As the song continues, the rhythm picks up and people come out of the troupe and dance to the tunes of the music. Spectators join to clap and dance. Maldives folk dance of Bodu beru is a tribal dance that usually takes place during the festive occasions and is enjoyed by all.

Thaara follk music which is performed by men, generally in the fulfillment of vows. In the Thara folk music of Maldives, there are about 22 performers, who are made to seat in two parallel rows facing each other and it involves singing and dancing. The performing team wears white sarongs and white shirts with a green scarf wrapped around their necks.

Bandiyaa Jehun is a popular dance form that takes place in the Maldives Island, in which the women carrying metal water pots sing and dance to the tune of music. While singing, they tap the pots with their finger rings.

Dhandi Jehun, a popular dance form of the beautiful islands of Maldives which consists of a lead singer, who usually sings the "Thaara" songs or "Unbaa" songs and others sing in chorus and dance to the beat of the song. In the Dhandi Jehun folk dance show, each performer holds three sticks called Dhandi. While dancing, he hits his Dhandi with that of the performer facing him.