Festivals and Events

Most of the festivals celebrated in Maldives are based on the Islamic calendar and the timing of the events varies from year to year.

Ramadan, is the ninth month in the Muslim calendar, during which Muslims mark 30 days of fasting. The working hours are altered for the month, government offices being open from 9.00am to 1.30pm and the private sector also closing at 3.00pm

Kuda Eid to celebrate at the end Ramadan and is a period of feasting. At each house a feast in prepared and family, friends and neighbours are invited. A period to three days public holiday is observed during Kuda Eid

Eid ul Adha falls after the Hajj pilgrimage in the Islamic calendar and celebration continues for 5 to 7 days. Traditional sports, music and dance go hand in hand with modern sports and music during the celebrations.

Mohamed's Birthday on the 12th day of Rabee Ul Awwal in the Islamic calendar. As with all the Muslim's around the world Maldivians also celebrate this day and is public holiday.

Indipendence day, is celebrated on 26-27 July, it marks the Maldivians independence day from the Briton.

Republic day, is celebrated on 11 November to commemorate the day of change from a Sultanate rule to an elected president.