Sunny all year long, Waves like nowhere else, Underwater beauty like paradise! Visit Maldives for a perfect holiday.

Quick Facts

  • AREA: A land area of just 115 square miles scattered across 41,500 square miles of ocean.
  • CAPITAL: MalĂ© city is among the world's smallest capital, reached by a 10 min boat ride from the airport.
  • CREDIT CARDS: All major credit cards are accepted at the resorts, etc.
  • CURRENCY: Maldivian Rufiya. USD is widely accepted in all hotels, resorts, shops & restaurants
  • ELECTRICITY: Voltage is 230/240 50 cycles AC.
  • LANGUAGE: English is widely-spoken, and resorts have GRO's who speak other languages.
  • LOCAL TIME: GMT + 5 hours.
  • PASSPORTS & VISAS: 30 days of tourist visas are issued upon arrival for all nationalities.
  • POPULATION: About 400,000.
  • RELIGION: Islam