Experience Maldives - The Bodu Beru

One of the experiences we highly recommend for your holiday in the Maldives is the Bodu Beru, a popular form of folk music and dance found in most inhabited islands of the country. Literally “Big Drums” in Dhivehi, the Bodu Beru is a reminder of Maldives multi-ethnic influences with strong roots from East Africa. The main instrument used is – you guessed it – drums made out of coconut wood and ray skins. 

Typically, around a dozen men will sit on the floor in varying formation, but the main drummer almost always sits in the middle, setting the tempo with his big drum and leading the rest of the musicians. The dance is very fluid and almost feels improvised; despite that, somehow all the dancers will move in unison to the beating of the drums, whist singing along in Dhivehi. If you’re lucky enough to watch a live performance, don’t be shy, join in to clap and dance!